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    Clink N Co.

  • A painting of Clink I once again tried my hand at painting and this time it was Clink. I think I did better on brush controll than previous paintings but some of the paint bled.
  • Final BattleClink confronting his long time nemisis Sephidorf. I actually got this idea from an episode of Thundercats late in the second season when Liono and Mumra had it out in a giant swordfight.
  • A poster for Clink's story All FF7/Zelda Mixbreeds. This is a watercolor. This showed me just how hard it is to mix skintone with paints.
  • Mifa and Zeris More of my Zelda/Final Fantasy 7 mixbreeds. I think it's obvious who is who but in case you can't figure it out Zeris is the blond and Mifa the brunet.
  • Clinka cross between Cloud and link. he appears many times in the pioneer series.

  • SephidorfA cross between Sephiroth and Gannondorf. Makes a short appearance in the Pioneer series

  • Master Buster this is a mouse art of Clink's huge ass sword.


  • Sailor FragMe again. This is kind of a joke character. Yes his weapon is the quake3 machine gun on a stick. It's called the Frag cepter.
  • Sailor Frag Super Another joke character. But cool looking. the original pic was too sketchy so this one was traced with a mouse which was very hard to do. it's easier to be careful when you make a pic then have to do heavy editing like that later on.
  • Frag and TrigMy SI and an ACC. Best pic I've drawn of either character.
  • Frag wearing an expressive wardrobe I got the idea for this from an eppisode of DBZ where general Tao was wearing a very cool overcoat with the slogan "KILL YOU" printed on the back. I thought it was fitting to stick on the back of Frag's trench coat. This is of coarse a Mouse art.
  • OmniFrag From the Pioneer series. The armor looks cool but I screwed up the head big time.
  • GodOmniFrag From the very end of Pioneer: Winter. Frag's final evolution to a true warrior god. I think my digital coloring skills showed some serious improvement with this one. You'll notice if you read Pioneer that this version is just before he forms the Godsword so he still has the wing.
  • Darth Frag and GodOmniFrag I wanted to do a two sides of a character cut away thing
  • Poster for the final winter battle Three OmniFrags, two combatants, One epic Battle, No punches pulled.
  • GodOmniFrag vs. Pyrion The final battle. This pic is in full color and I pulled out all my CGing skills to do it. Given this is the final fight in the end of Pioneer with no continuance EVER I thought this pic needed all the work I could possible give it.
  • The End the end of Pioneer. if the end of the series its self didn't tell you it's all over this does. Casting off the trademark forever. End the series forever. THIS IS THE END PEOPLE! THERE IS NO MORE!

    MST3K Team

  • KholdstoneOne of my own characters used for MSTs. Why's he holding a banana?
  • Senor Suckoanother ACC also used for MSTs


  • DGF Chibi characters These are the 4 main characters in chibi mode
  • Azraelthis is the angel of death from Winter
  • Cain A full color pic of Cain from Winter. You'll notice a resemblance to Frag though not an exact likeness
  • Holocost Harry He never actually appeared in the pioneer series and only had a mention during a bar room conversation of the great outlaws
  • Katrina Once again in full beutiful color. this is a character whom is introduced in sword of darkness and plays a major roll in KOD
  • Super Human Level One Mac an armor inspired by the early armors from Dragon Ball Z
  • Super Human Level Two Mac this appeared briefly in the end of Sword of Darkness. this design is more inspired by a knights armor shining in silver
  • Super Human Level Three Mac This mode hasn't appeared yet (BOB!) This version looks just plain pissed
  • Super Human Level Four Mac This is the ultimate version of Mac. also hasn't appeared yet. You can see more DBZ influence here.
  • Sword of Darkness Poster Good poster but I was in a long legs phase when I drew it and you can see that here. All the characters are in their casual garb. Yes that is Frag's casual garb
  • Hell Blitzcreig From the end of Sword of Darkness. wicked looking don't you think?
  • Fudo in Gomisaki armor This appeared once in winter when Fudo Merged with Gomisaki. I think I matched the Jurai clothing style well here while making some improvements to make it into its own original creation
  • Ultimate Chosen One From DGF when Ray Goes Superhuman. actually I found out later that I got the hair wrong but it's accurate otherwise
  • Warrior of The Cross Both the original and Reign of Darkness versions here.
  • GodOmniFrag's Godsword This appears in the final chapter of Pioneer winter. I love this sword.
  • Sword of light and sword of whole SOL on top SOW on bottom. these both appear in pioneer sword of darkness. These aren't to scale with each other. The sword of whole is much larger than the Sword of Light.
  • Heaven's devide and Sword of Darkness SOD on top HD on bottom. These also appear in the Pioneer sword of darkness series as well as the Lucifer's key saga.
  • Gomisakihuman form. Gomisaki also appears in Pioneer

  • Gomisakiship form

  • Triga character who has a few appearances in my Pioneer series

  • Postera promotional poster for Pioneer: Winter

  • ArmewgedonEvolved form of Mewtwo. makes an appearance in Pioneer: Sword of darkness
  • close up of Armewgedon He looks mad. I love how the teeth came out on this
  • Judgement He appears in Pioneer: Winter. and does very evil things
  • JudgementAnother look at the twisted mofo
  • More Judgementnot much to say. Just look upon his twistedness
  • Assorted Renegadesleft to right: terra, Megapuff, and Gomisaki. This is also the only existing picture of Megapuff
  • Trig(charcoal) Once again an appearance by Trig. I hate math.
  • Ezeakiel Mortikai A villain from the pioneer series. You should go read it right now.
  • a suit of lighthawk armor This is the lighthawk armor and sword that is used in the Pioneer series
  • Saraphim another character from the pioneer series. his name is not to be confused with Seraphim. notice 4 wings not 6.
  • Darth Maximux A sith that appears in the pioneer series. I drew the lightsaber wrong though
  • Sword of the Chosen one done by request for Pikallo for the DGF Novel. He says I got the sword dead on.
  • Cover for the DGF Novel another pic I did for Pik. Take a look at the shadow.
  • Jake: Bulked up and pissed off an illustration for the DGF novel done by requiest for Pik
  • Pyrion from Pioneer: Winter. You will come to know him as the villain who just won't die.
  • Ultimate Pyrion I just wanted to see how wicked I could make it look
  • Robot Nyphale Again the mistake of drawing it in No.2 pencil was made
  • The Ultimeat Ultimate Force no that's not a typo. I screwed up in a few places though. Notice the wierd position of the legs. I'd been drawing a lot of elves lately so I accidently made the ears pointed.
  • Omni Frag Hell a wicked variation on omnifrag. I had a lot of problems coloring this. Since I had to draw in the textures in ink it got in the way of coloring. But with enough effort I got it right. and added a spiffy background too.


  • Malus No not from Castlevania. This is an original character whom plays the antagonist in my original series "scar"
  • Christian This is the Protagonist from the original series "scar". Acutally both this and the above pic of Malus are mouse arts.
  • Ryomaru Another mouse character portrait. Ryomaru's current job is the provide the cute.

    TGL Manga

  • General Koi This is that old general type guy. To note. Koi has a double meaning. One being a big fish. The other is Love (he's from planet venus) It's a pun okay.
  • original design of Neko concept art for the Guardian Legend Manga You'll notice she isn't a catgirl here.
  • final design of Neko concept art for the Guardian Legend Manga. I decided to make her a catgirl. It seems her hair gets spikier every time I draw her.
  • concept designs for densetsu concept art for the Guardian Legend Manga. A look at densetsu in her normal uniform and....not.
  • Child Densetsu This is what she looked like as a kid. appears in a flashback in the beginning of the manga
  • Densetsu with the Special This was basicly a sketch of the special (the bigass gun she uses) with Densetsu holding it for size comparison.
  • design for Cho concept art for the Guardian Legend Manga. He doesn't smile that much really but I needed to show off his fangs.
  • Shinma I don't think he ever actually uses that particular gun but it looks cool in the sketch
  • Dr. Naju more concept art. the name of the character alone is a bit of a spoiler.
  • Tanuki concept art for the Guardian Legend Manga. I must have been watching a lot of sailor moon when I drew this because she looks a whole hell of a lot like sailor pluto.


  • a 3 tailed Kitsune I did this to practice drawing animals which I hadn't done in a long time. the harder part of the explaination is telling you what a Kitsune is. Basicly it's a fox spirit but it's more complicated than that. look it up.
  • a mother and baby dragon a touching scene with a little dragon familly
  • Roninthis is an original character with an epic story behind him. Steal him and I'll break your teeth one by one with a rusty claw hammer.
  • Javert Belmontone of my ACCs. He's from my rather lame castlevania series.
  • an artistic pic a sort of good and evil thing going on. I decided to try the classic split downt he middle artistic thing. speaks heavilly of the duality of human nature. Rather wicked really.
  • Zarak a concept design for a character that never made it into any of my writings
  • Zarak and Karia More comcept designs that didn't make it
  • Deus this was going to be the villain for the eries that didn't make it

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